We help you maximize profits by building state of the art, user friendly websites aimed at generating business

Your website is the face of your company and we will help you leverage it by making it high quality, SEO friendly and cost effective. Our team of web designers will get down to the nitty gritty of your work, the challenges you face and what clicks with your customers,to deliver fantastic business tools aimed at achieving success.

We drive your business needs through digital technology and services

Along with building you a perfect website, from scratch, we will give you complete solutions to enhance and sustain your business. We recognize that getting recognized on the web is the perfect way to promote yourself. We will help you do this by designing your Digital Marketing strategy focusing on SEO Services, SEM Services, Social Media Services and Ads. Above all, we’ll help bring the consumer to your doorstep by using tools like local SEO.

We go above and beyond!

With expertise in app development, software development and web development, we are ready to take our services for you above and beyond to deliver real business solutions.

What makes us different?

Having come from a business background that was largely dependent on web-generated traffic, we understand the challenges of such a business model. This includes deriving revenue from your website, targeting consumers and communicating with them, generating media interest and above all giving a unique experience to your customers.

So, is it ok to design just a mediocre website? Not if you want to survive in this competitive market. Given that most consumers base their decisions on their online experience, the layout, design, usability, and accessibility of your website is more important than ever. You need to give something that will enthral, excite and keep your customer wanting more and reflect you as a professional and business owner.

That’s where we come in! By evaluating the needs of your business, the services you offer, your client base and your future goals, we will help you design a website that is aesthetically pleasing, commercially viable, ranks high in SEO and is easy to maintain.

What’s our goal?

We strive to bring you the latest technologies and build your website on effective trends and innovations. By using evolving marketing techniques, we help you stand out in a crowd.  Our aim is not to just create a website for you but forge a long lasting relationship and help your realize your business goals.

Here’s our USP:

  • Website design and online solutions to generate customer interest and promote business
  • SEO design to make you out there
  • Email and Social marketing to get you noticed
  • Helping you grow in this competitive market by applying niche strategies at affordable prices
  • Helping you make your brand sustainable and world renowned

Our Clients:

From Technology to Fashion, our clientele is as diverse as chalk and cheese and yet they all share a common ambition of making it big in their respective fields, a dream we help fulfil. Our other clients are from Marketing, e-Commerce, Health, Travel, Education, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Retail.

Our Valued Clients

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive more relevant traffic to your website?

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Why Customers ♥ us!

Our clients are our backbone and the reason for our success.
  • Subbu Reddy
    Subbu Reddy / Director-Knowledgehut

    "The simple and elegant web design that Almana Digital created for us has beautifully captured the essence of what our company is all about. No one has understood our needs as well! "

  • Sandhya Gupta
    Sandhya Gupta / Manager Operations-Zeolearn

    "Our sales went up three fold in just 6 months after Almana took over our SEO. We found the team to be very approachable; people who really listened to and understood our needs. "

  • Lucy Lloyd
    Lucy Lloyd / Executive Director

    "A great company that helped us to turn our business around through their digital marketing services. The service we have received from this team has met and exceeded all our expectation. They are thorough professionals and know their job well. "

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