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Let’s analyse your customer. According to market research, close to 90% shoppers first check online reviews before buying a product and this number is only expected to increase. Do you think you can still get away without having your online presence known? You cannot! You have to get noticed and this is where Search Engine Optimization helps, by funnelling web traffic to your website and helping customers get to you. And how do we do this? By applying the following core techniques:

  • Keyword Research: Keywords are the very backbone of SEO. Some go as far as to say that without Keywords there would be no SEO. Keywords are not just about attracting customers but about knowing them—what they think, what they like, what they don’t like, their thoughts and desires; details that will help you get closer to them and them to you. We will tailor your SEO around keywords that will help shoot up your website beyond competition and garner more interest and business on par with world-class competitors.


  • Competitive Analysis: For any business, it is important to know who the competition is and why, if they are, more successful? By identifying your competitors, their market strategy, backlinks and their followers, we will be able to more accurately design a marketing strategy for you and get you ‘out there’ and identify key areas of weaknesses and opportunities.



  • Link Building: So, you have your site up and running. But how do you ensure that it ranks well in search results? As your SEO strategists, we will ensure that high ranking and important websites point back to you thus improving your search engine rankings.



  • On Page SEO: During our market research we have found that most websites are not optimized for search engines. But even if you are running a small business and feel that an SEO is not worth spending the money on, then On Page SEO is your best bet! On Page SEO can be defined as the Holy Grail of SEO techniques making your website so strong internally that it will attract customers. By producing high quality content, adding descriptions, meta tags and internal links, we will ensure that the page not just defines you as a unique product but also shoots up on search rankings.